Melvins valpar röntgade

Så himla skojigt att ALLA Melvins sex valpar ur ”Have”-kullen nu är friröntgade både på armbågar och höfter. Härligt med engagerade valpköpare som röntgar sina valpar.
Grattis allesammans!Bild 115

Grattis kids!!!

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8 Responses to Melvins valpar röntgade

  1. Linda says:

    sånt här gillas. MYCKET!!

    • Sagar says:

      In the copmticaled world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

    • Yes, it needs to be a supportive atmosphere before we take that risk, but it gets easier! Sometimes it's easier to start with an activity that say just involves language like word-at-a-time story under Book Chook Bag of Tricks, or one that just involves making a statue, no sound, or one you can call a game like Charades. And Reader's Theatre isn't threatening when you're really just reading aloud.

    • Mark – My recommendation is that you ignore people who have nothing to contribute to the conversation except for trash talking and name calling. You can’t reason with them, you’ll never outshout them, so just let them bang on their highchair and shout to themselves. A fire starved of oxygen soon expires.

    • Sara-Clara skriver:Håller med dig Anders. Helt sjukt hur sjukt det här landet egentligen är. Gissar på att vi har en köpt media. Går inte att förklara annars. Du ska fortsätta – hör du det!

    • I got rid of almost all spam by using a block spam by math plugin on the register page. It is a bit of work keeping up with the updates, and I use Wp, buddypress, and integrated bbpress forum. But is seems like buddypress Are doing a good job to make it compatible.

    • That is truly a exceptional blog post. I am still new to all this and I try to learn. Studying this article helped me lots in discovering these things. Thank you for sharing it and prolong the solid work.

    • Re: your point that ”normal people feel sorrier over minor indignities suffered by celebrities”It seems to me a variation of the phenomenon that ”tragedies always seem worse when they happen to hot people” that has been noticed in news stories.


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